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Using The Cali-Fit Method to Help Ordinary People
Achieve Extraordinary Results

Over the years, Cali-Fit has tried and tested the methods that have enabled us to make bodyweight training achievable for every individual no matter where they are at!

Cali-Fit is more about helping people get functionally fit and feeling stronger using Calisthenics, as opposed to just the gains and selfies.

If you’re looking to join a supportive team that’s dedicated to getting you to where you want to be, check out our memberships below and become apart of the Cali-Fit Team!

Even if you’re entirely new to Calisthenics and going to the Gym, we have the methods in place that have helped hundreds of newcomers crush their fitness Goals!

We pride ourselves on our ability to help people from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals no matter what the situation is.

Using The Cali-Fit Method to Help Ordinary People
Achieve Extraordinary Results

Over the years, Cali-Fit has tried and tested the methods that have enabled us to make bodyweight training achievable for every individual no matter where they are at!

Timetable and Classes

Cali-Fit offers 30+ sessions per week teaching the foundations of Calisthenics. These sessions are designed to be suitable for all levels of strength allowing you to push hard but progress at your own pace. The Cali-Fit method of teaching and training has you covered for all your strength and fitness needs

The Benefits of Training Calisthenics at Cali-Fit

Zero Judgement Environment

We pride ourselves on the friendly community we have built over the years. Cali-Fit is a safe place for people to focus on building themselves up without the presence of judgement and intimidation. If you are new, you will see some of our clients doing some incredible feats of strength, but it’s those very same people that will be the first to introduce themselves to you and share how you to can reach that same level.

Build Real Strength

Functional training isn’t a buzz word to us. Calisthenics is the foundation of all functional movements and functional strength. We don’t just use functional exercises we live and breathe them. True functional strength means you will build strength and muscle naturally and still be able to pull up, handstand, climb, run, jump, swing and vault.

Suitable For All Levels

Our ninja and Cali-strong classes cater for all levels from complete beginner to beyond advanced. All progressions and regressions for the popular calisthenics feats of strength are written into our classes. This means your warm-up, training sessions, goals and stretches have already been taken care of. All you have to do is show up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is a Cali-Fit Membership?

Membership $39 a week for both our Northgate and Southbank locations. Book through our Cali-Fit App and train as many time per week as you like

No lock-in contracts and no joining or leaving fees but we do require a minimum of 1 week (7 days) notice for all pauses and 4 weeks (28 days) cancellation notice emailed to

What Are The Membership Options?

We have options for both a weekly or fortnightly and are currently running 14 days for $14 for new members

Do I have Access to Both Gyms?

Yes! Current members are able to access both our Northgate and South Bank Gyms at no additional cost.

How Much Is A Casual Session?

Casual sessions at both our Northgate and South Bank locations are $25 and allow you to access all our mornings and afternoon sessions.

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Do You Offer 1:1 PT and Coaching?

Yes! We have 5 excellent Coaches across both locations that offer personalised coaching sessions and programs 1:1 !

What Is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics teaches us the importance of developing our functional fitness with minimal gym equipment, it incorporates a variety of different bodyweight exercises that show us that the body can move in ways you didn’t even think possible.

In today’s realm of the fitness industry, it’s pushed on a lot of people to just “look big” or “make gains” but at Cali-Fit we know that health and fitness are so much more than just looking good in front of the mirror.

Calisthenics activates a whole other system to the body, developing strength in certain muscle groups to support our whole body weight in the most effective way possible.

Where Can You Train Calisthenics?

Because Calisthenics uses mostly bodyweight exercises you’ll find that you can do it almost anywhere, but more likely you will see people performing Calisthenics movements in outdoor gyms and parks due to the fact you can do lots of exercise with just a pull-up bar.

You can definitely also do Calisthenics in a conventional gym but the limitation to that is you might not have the community of supportive people around you as you would at a dedicated Calisthenics Gym in Brisbane like Cali-Fit.

Can Calisthenics have a Positive Impact on Mental Health?

Practising Calisthenics is challenging when you start, but it’s proven that it provides a sense of direction for people at looking to overcoming new obstacles and milestones.

When someone has a sense of direction and achievement…. they are usually a much more driven and happier person.

People who train Calisthenics in a gym will usually be surrounded by a team of like-minded people who are either at the same level or above you but the thing about Calisthenics is everyone understands the struggle and time it takes to progress through the different exercises.

Because of this, you are always around a supportive team which has a direct impact on one’s mental health in a positive light.

Read more about Calisthenics and mental health from the School of Calisthenics.

Where Are The Gyms Located?

South Bank Address: 47 Cordelia St South Brisbane QLD 4101 (Under Opera Apartments, 50m from Musgrave Park)

Northgate Address: 3/352 Melton Rd, Northgate QLD 4013 (Next door to Rent-a-Bomb)

Cali-Fit Calisthenics Is Good For:

Increased Muscular Endurance

Calisthenics develops your muscular endurance like no other fitness routine. Calisthenics training is a specific style of bodyweight training that is not like your typical gym workout. This type of endurance develops from minimal gym equipment and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Train Anywhere, Anytime!

Bodyweight training is something that can be done using minimal equipment and mostly your own body weight. That being said – it’s best practice to learn the proper technique before trying some of the more advanced exercises at home.

Improve Mind & Body Connection

Get into the zone and become the master of your own mind and body. In order to progress from beginner to advanced calisthenics exercises, you must strengthen your foundational muscles through repetitive exercises, trust your coach and believe in your capabilities.

Improve Flexibility

Improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion and mobility across all areas of the body with Cali-Fit Calisthenics training and workout routines.

Challenge Yourself!

There are always more exercises to master when it comes to Calisthenics. Train consistently, master the progression phases and challenge yourself – soon you’ll realise your extraordinary capabilities.

Gain Strength

Cali Strong is having the functional strength to hold your own bodyweight in multiple ways using multiple techniques and progressions.


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