• Australian Parkour Association Instructor from 2008-2014
  • Raising The Bar Calisthenics Founder & CEO 2014-Present
  • Gravity Grips co-founder and Director 2017-Present
  • Ninja Warrior Semi-Finalist & Australian Spartan course tester 2017
  • ​Ultimate Tag Semi-Finalist 2021

“The man that stands before you today is the opposite of the young man I was a decade ago. I was lost, scared, weak, miserable and did not see any point in seeing my life through. Training was the only aspect of my life that I enjoyed, the rest was seemingly unbearable. Over the years through my training I built a level of strength within myself that to me literally seemed impossible. The self-respect and confidence that came from this experience was completely new to me and I realised (by accident) the true potential I had all along. My vision is to help as many people as possible see their true potential even when they believe they have none”


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Don’t Get Big Get Strong…

Because it’s so much more than gains and selfies

Past | Present | Future

Cali-Fit was formerly named Raising The Bar Calisthenics when opening in August 2013 -2019 during which we were the first and for a while the only Calisthenics gym to open in Australia. Over the years our methods and procedures have greatly improved and expanded and the choice was made to rebrand to Cali-Fit to further highlight our number 1 priority, our un-intimidating and welcoming gym culture.

We aim to make calisthenics as simple as possible for beginners building your foundations and educating you as you progress. The overall goal is to take you to a level of strength you wouldn’t ever think is possible for yourself. This is a long road with ups and down and joy and frustrations which ultimately leads you to seeing yourself in a very different light or as we call it new levels of self-worth.

This is the meaning behind “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Capabilities”. No one is born extraordinary, in fact, extraordinary people are all built over time. You can’t buy your way to the level of strength we help people achieve, you can’t take shortcuts and it takes lots of time and consistency but at the end, you’ll get to shake hands with the person you could become.

Our Community

At Cali-Fit we pride ourselves on our strong community atmosphere. We all know each other and everyone is welcoming and inclusive regardless of differing strength levels. We support each other instead of competing with each other, we train hard and we still have fun.
Rather than focusing on the achievements of others or the achievements of the strongest members at Cali-Fit, we draw attention to the achievements of each individual member.

As a community, we believe that each person deserves recognition for their hard work.

We are dedicated to showing that bodybuilding, weightlifting and isolation exercises are NOT the only ways to build strength and muscle mass. When training with weights at Cali-Fit Calisthenics, we use functional weighted exercises like squats, weighted pull-up and chin-ups, deadlifts, weighted dips and push-ups and bench press.

We are not training to wreck ourselves, no one will ever tell you to go hard or go home. We don’t train to get “swole” and “shredded” for “gains”. We train hard frequently using pushing, pulling and leg exercises inspired by street workout and worldwide calisthenics groups.

This is where we get our motto:

“Don’t get big get strong”