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Casual session

$25 per session

  • Come and try us out, you have nothing to lose and we guarantee you will learn something new!

  • Use our booking system to book future sessions on your terms


$39 per week

  • Unlimited access to 30+ classes 

  • 8 week challenges included in membership!

  • Train alongside likeminded people instead of on your own

  • Gain continuous insights and progressions from our expert coaches

  • No more guesswork all the planning is done for you. All you have to do is show up!

I spend more time here than I do at home! Love training here, unique facilities, passionate, professional staff, and the RTB family is awesome. Best place to get into calisthenics, parkour, body weight training and a bunch of other fitness disciplines too.

Loki Kuroi

The best gym to train at! Great atmosphere and awesome culture. No matter what stage or level you're at, you'll have the whole gym behind you helping you to achieve your goals!

Warwick Donaldson

Hands on bar, the most enthusiastic and supportive environment to be apart of. At my low level of fitness when I started; the team at Raising the Bar as well as its existing members, were always one step away from teaching me correct form, pushing through that last rep and attempting new exercises I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do. Within days I felt part of a new friendship group!
8 months down. From just 2 pull-ups - to 3 bar muscle ups. Thanks for the support team!

Robert O'Neill

If I could give 6 stars I would, this gym (I don't like to use that word because it is nothing like a normal gym) will transform you. Prior to starting here, I weighed the heaviest I ever had in my life, could barely do a chin-up and had few outlets for dealing with stress. I thought it would be quite intimidating coming in and training around a lot fitter people, however very quickly I was made to feel like I was part of the family. Milestones are celebrated, encouragement and support are always there, the training is challenging and I became addicted very quickly. With the programs and support given, I quickly shed the weight and within a couple of months I was doing things I never thought I could (including competing in a ninja warrior comp and making it to the end of stage 2). The benefits are not only physical but mental. The type of training, the atmosphere and family like environment mean no matter what type of day you are having you will leave a session feeling happy, stress-free and generally pumped!! I had never gone to a 'normal' gym before and felt I would get bored quickly in one. At Raising The Bar they are so focused on helping you achieve you objectives, that boredom and lack of motivation is never an issue and the progression is so rewarding. I can't thank the team and the fellow members enough for their contribution to this journey.

Andy Tunks

I love everything about this place.
I have been wanting to get into some form of fitness for years, but was never able to stick with it.
I have had gym memberships and tried pt in the past, even when motivated it never lasted, I found myself dreading workouts, and always stopped after a few short weeks.
But this place is just different.
The people are so friendly and encouraging, they actually want to see you succeed rather then just another client feeling. It's small family / friend atmosphere, I've never experienced that before in a gym, and it has a really positive and motivating effect.
The workouts are challenging but don't destory you or put you off, rather motivate you to be able to complete the next stage. I have seen results in my weight, strength and happiness in only 5 weeks.
The best part there are no mirrors.

Ellie Sauer

What a Fantastic local gym! Lachlan and the crew are awesome people and have helped me extraordinarily, with the best attitude possible. "Raising the Bar' has a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere which brings the best out of you, no matter your goals. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic gym environment. Well worth it over corporate gyms

Ayden Snell

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