What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics teaches us the importance of developing our functional fitness with minimal gym equipment, it incorporates a variety of different bodyweight exercises that show us that the body can move in ways you didn’t even think possible.


In today’s realm of the fitness industry, its pushed on a lot of people to just “look big” or “make gains” but at Cali-Fit we know that health and fitness are so much more than just looking good in front of the mirror.


Calisthenics activates a whole other system to the body, developing strength in certain muscle groups to support our whole body weight in the most effective way possible.

How do I get started with Calisthenics?

6 of the best tips to help you start your Calisthenics journey!

Be patient and trust the process!

Because real results take time but its so worth it.

Have fun with training Calisthenics 

Training Calisthenics exercises should be fun so take your time in learning and progressing.

Surround yourself with like minded people

Having a team to support you is always going to give you that extra motivation!

Strive to always be better than your last session!

you'll find that the only way to progress is if you strive to always improve the exercise you're working on harder than the last session.

What does Calisthenics look like?

more benefits of calisthenics!

Can Calisthenics have a Positive impact on mental health?

Practising Calisthenics is challenging when you start, but it's proven that it provides a sense of direction for people at looking to overcoming new obstacles and milestones.


When someone has a sense of direction and achievement.... they are usually a much more driven and happier person.

People who train Calisthenics in a gym will usually be surrounded by a team of like-minded people who are either at the same level or above you but the thing about Calisthenics is everyone understands the struggle and time it takes to progress through the different exercises.


Because of this, you are always around a supportive team which has a direct impact on one's mental health in a positive light.

Read more about Calisthenics and mental health from the School of Calisthenics.

Where can you do Calisthenics?

Because Calisthenics uses mostly bodyweight exercises you'll find that you can do it almost anywhere, but more likely you will see people performing Calisthenics movements in outdoor gyms and parks due to the fact you can do lots of exercise with just a pull-up bar.

You can definitely also do Calisthenics in a conventional gym but the limitation to that is you might not have the community of supportive people around you as you would at a dedicated Calisthenics Gym in Brisbane like Cali-Fit.


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